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“The Jamie Bechtold Group is everything you could ask for in a real estate team from promptness, flexibility, reliability, sound advice, proper client representation, and very importantly patience… Thanks for well representing our needs and desires.”

“Choosing a realtor who truly understands your vision and goes above and beyond to make it a reality is a rare find. I had the incredible privilege of working with Jamie Bechtold, and it is with great pleasure and utmost admiration that I write this award-winning review. From the moment we met Jamie, his passion for his profession was palpable. His energy and genuine commitment to helping us find our dream home on Lake Conroe exceeded all expectations. Despite his busy schedule, Jamie dedicated three entire days to us, ensuring that his undivided attention was solely on assisting our venture. This level of commitment and focus is nothing short of extraordinary. One standout quality that sets Jamie apart is his unwavering dedication to his clients. Throughout our time together, he never once took another call or diverted his attention from our search. It was abundantly clear that we were his first, and only, priority during that time. This level of attentiveness is a testament to his professionalism and unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of service. Jamie's extensive knowledge of the local market and his expertise in lakefront properties were invaluable assets in our search. His insights and guidance helped us navigate the intricacies of our desired location, ensuring that we made informed decisions every step of the way. Moreover, Jamie's unwavering support and willingness to go the extra mile to exceed our expectations were simply remarkable. His exceptional professionalism is not only confined to a transactional level. Jamie possesses a unique ability to connect with his clients on a personal level, fostering a relationship built on trust and transparency. He listened attentively to our requirements, aspirations, and concerns, ensuring that our dream home fulfilled every aspect we had envisioned. His genuine care and empathy for our needs have made the entire process a joyful and stress-free endeavor. It is without a doubt that Jamie possesses the attributes of an outstanding realtor. His unparalleled commitment to his clients, responsiveness, and remarkable knowledge of the market make him a standout talent. But it is his ability to make you feel like you are his top priority, even amidst his busy schedule, which makes working with him an exceptional experience. In conclusion, Jamie Bechtold is an extraordinary realtor who deserves the highest praise. His dedication, expertise, and personal touch combine to create an unparalleled real estate experience. If you are searching for a realtor who will prioritize your dreams, deliver exceptional results, and surpass your expectations, do not hesitate to contact Jamie Bechtold. I am truly grateful for his support and assistance in finding our dream home. Thank you, Jamie, for being an exceptional realtor and reshaping our dreams into reality. Sincerely, Anthony Bitker”

“We met with Rick Fernandez where he had an itinerary of the houses to be seen, which was impressive and utilized our day well. Upon us finding a home that we wanted to make an offer on, Mr Fernandez worked rapidly and efficiently to make sure our offer was presented first. He kept us very well informed of every situation regarding the house. I was thoroughly impressed with his knowledge and how fast he was able to put everything together for this sale. I would highly recommend reaching out to this group for any questions, setting up viewings and the selling of your home. They were incredibly helpful and wonderful to work with!”

“Friendly and easy to work with.”

“Working with Jamie Bechtold on our new home purchase at Lake Conroe has been a very positive experience. His insight and detailed knowledge of the industry were valuable to us as was his assistance during the negotiation of the purchase contract. Jamie or Berenise always promptly returned our calls and answered any of our questions. We highly recommend Jamie and his Team.”

“I couldn’t be more impressed by the service that Jamie and his team provided throughout the search and deal process! He knows the market like no other and his team is highly responsive!”

“The Jamie Bechtold Group has been an absolute pleasure to work with it. From the start they made it their mission to consistently communicate all the way up to the end. Despite the tough market, they made the home search/buying process as seamless as possible. Rick went above and beyond to help us find our home, always actively searching and trying to get us the best deal possible; we really appreciate everything he did in helping us find our home. The behind the scenes crew was even more helpful since they took care of all the paper work, answered all questions, and took pride in their work by making the administrative side of home buying very easy. If you're searching for a home and want the absolute best experience possible, please reach out to the Jamie Bechtold Re/Max Group.”

“Due to my line of work, we have lived at over 20 locations across 6 states in the past 30 or so years. This has afforded us more experience than most regarding Realtors, both good and bad. After wasting a few weeks looking for a home in the Brenham area with a disappointing agent we were fortunate enough to meet Rick Fernandez of Jamie Bechtold Group Re/Max. Rick texted us immediately when a home fitting our criteria in the exact area we were hoping for hit the market. We were the first prospects to see it the next day. We decided to present an offer same day in hopes of avoiding a bidding war (all too common in this current market). Rick was able to expertly advise us on price and conditions to make our offer sensible, fair and effective, without being outrageous. The seller accepted our offer as is (same day). We love our new home and neighborhood and could not be happier with Rick's professionalism, knowledge, and demeanor. I would recommend Rick and the Jamie Bechtold team to everyone - they are at the top of their game and were a pleasure to work with!”